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  • Knife Maker:  Paul Poehlmann

    This is a one of a kind handmade Paul prototype 3 blade “Trade A Blade” Lock Back knife, crafted by Paul W. Poehlmann himself, years prior to Gerber’s factory production and decades prior to Lone Wolf’s mass production.

    Condition and construction of this Paul knife along with it’s matching accompanying blades is breathtaking.

    Price: email, [email protected]

    Model:  Prototype Trade A Blade Lock Back.


    Walnut handle.

    Rear locking mechanism.

    Handle plates, bolsters, spacer and mechanism are machined from ARMCO 17-4 pH corrosion resistant steel.

    Body length of knife closed measures 4.75″.

    Inscribed on one of the inner liner steel walls is:  PAUL 6.77 as well as 4 P D and what looks like the letter L.

    On the opposite inner liner steel wall is inscribed what looks like the letter D and the number 4.

    Three interchangeable blades included.

    The length of each individual blade measures 4.0″ end to end.

    All of the blades are inscribed P.W.P. on one side while on the opposite side is inscribed: 6 7 7.

    Individual Blades Included With Purchase:

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